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It would be an honor to speak at your event. I’m grateful for the opportunity to partner with you for your amazing event. I’ve included my speaker rider so there is clarity on the parameters and expectations for my engagement. 


Every speaking engagement is greatly appreciated, and I’m excited to take part in your event. 


Hi, I'm




My story started in corporate America where I resided for over 20 years. After receiving many titles, accomplishments, and rewards through the years, I realized that my heart wasn’t really satisfied with the career path I had chosen. 

I feel like God led me to entrepreneurship to learn how to handle difficulty while striving for success and to teach others how to do the same. 

I began trying my hand at several business ventures to understand my true purpose and gift to the world. After years of hardship, I discovered my purpose and have been going nonstop helping women save time in their businesses by earning more and working less. I’ve experienced many challenges, overcome adversity, and enjoy helping women go from busy to balanced with my strategies for success.


Today, I am a successful business owner who has conquered many obstacles and suffered losses, and would love the opportunity to help others defeat some of their greatest struggles.





In- Person Events

Travel Expenses Covered 

  • Airfare and local transportation to the conference and lodging 

  • Nicolette requires to arrive the night before she speaks to avoid unforeseen events and circumstances. If the flight is over 4-5 hours, it is necessary for Nicolette to arrive days before the event in business class. This ensures Nicolette will be at her best self and have the highest energy for the event. 

  • Nicolette is open and available to meet with executives of the event prior to the event. 

Lodging Expenses Covered

  • For the entire stay of the event that Nicolette is expected or invited to attend or engage 


Remote Events


  • For live sessions, please ensure we have a backup plan and have tested sound, internet speed, etc prior to the session.

  • Nicolette is open to pre-recording content for remote conferences to avoid tech issues and ensure internet stability. 

  • All Q&A sessions should be moderated by an admin that has been trained on your policies to prevent harassment and trolling. 

Online Chats 

  • All online chat spaces need to have an admin moderating and following your Code of Conduct. 

Local Speaking Engagements: Nicolette requests $500-1500 USD contingent on conference accessibility as well as ticket prices. 

Internal/ Private Speaking Events: Nicolette asks for $500-1500 contingent on the size of the audience, how the recorded talk will be used, the revenue/philanthropy of your company, and the length and nature of the requested engagement. 

Ticket to Full Conference: Ticket admission to the conference will be included in our agreement. 






Systems in your Business 
Finding Balance in Business Through Strategies & Systems 
Motivation & Mindset for Success 
How to keep going when the going gets tough 
Redefining Yourself for Success 
Automation Transformation 

Motivation & Inspiration

Single Parent Struggles
Overcoming Adversity 
Your Past Life Doesn’t Define Your Future 
Master Fear, Conquer Life 
The Power of Personal Development 

Other Topics Per Request

Nicolette is well-knowledgeable and has experience in different areas of life to pull from to ensure the best experience for your attendees.


Start your


General Topic Requirements:

Thanks! Wait for Nicolette.

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